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THE UNEDITED VERSION - RE non-white immigration. Letter to Editor - June 9 (Vince Beaudette)



  March 10, 2016             Commentary: Delegates have a commitment  (Frank Long)



Senate District 47 Debate - Article in the Waconia Patriot




November 19 - Vince Beaudette - NO Syrian Refugees please!  (See entire LTE) 




November 11 - From Representative Jim Nash - Auditor using tax money to combat legislators  (See entire LTE) 




From Rollie Neve Letter in the Chan Villager August 20


 The Iran nuclear negotiations, currently a top news story, raises some serious questions, not the least of which is how does it effect he peace and security of the United States. The agreement, signed on July 14, was drafted by the five members of the UN Security Council, Russia, China, US, UK and France, plus Iran, Germany and the EU.  It now comes to the United States for approval (See entire letter)


From: Vince Beaudette and Vicki Ernst -

In The Chanhassen Villager, Chaska Herald, Waconia Patriot, Carver and Watertown Patriot News – July 30, 2015

Reject 'Resilient Cities' project


Editor's note: Carver County commissioners are scheduled to consider a proposed "Resilient Cities" project Aug. 4 during a work session.. (Full Letter here!)

We urge the Carver County Board of Commissioners to reject the “Resilient Cities” project. According to the University of Minnesota, this project is “an initiative that will bring the expertise of hundreds of graduate students and the University to sustainability-related projects” into cities and counties.  (Full Letter here!)


From:  Rollie Neve - on Erik Paulsen's vote FOR Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) on June 12.

My Congressman, Erik Paulsen, voted for TPA on June 13. I called his office and asked him to vote NO,


because Congress does not have the constitutional power to delegate it’s authority to regulate foreign


commerce (trade) to the executive branch.  (Full Letter)



 From: Frank Long



The Governors budget proposal gives great insight into the direction liberal progressives wants to take this country through social engineering.  You may not be aware that the State has collected a 1.9 Billion dollar surplus from the hard working people and businesses that DO pay taxes. Our Governor has decided to spend a large portion of that surplus on "education".  Nearly every biennium we send more and more funding to schools, and performance continues to decline. Clearly, throwing money at a protected, largely unaccountable system isn't working. But for now, let's take a look at some of the proposed and recently implemented programs supported by this governor and look at what they do to our kids and families.

We now have all day kindergarten so impressionable 5 year olds are spending a larger part of their day in an environment  controlled by folks who work for the government, teaching social values and lessons based on what government  thinks our children should be exposed to.  The Governor is now proposing more of the same for 4 year olds. Many people will see this as a form of financial relief from a major family expense.  You may have seen a commercial about the State surplus being a over-collection of 1400 dollars from a family of four, if you had your own money, instead of the State, would childcare cost relief be among peoples first thoughts over who has their children all day? He also proposes to feed all of our kids for us up to third grade, sounds great huh? It takes another task & expense away from people who are very busy in a two income household.  But what about the psychology behind this?

The government supplies breakfast and lunch in a structured social setting with peers all getting the same instruction by organized, calm people with the consistent messages that the government is paying them well to deliver. ( 58 thousand a year on average with full benefits and defined pension benefits including  cost of living raises and paid medical for life.) In a setting where religion has been banned. The time you HAVE your children is in an environment,  limited, partly because of consistently increasing pressure on your time and budget, from things like designed increased costs from unionization of childcare, and increased government taxes and fees. (The governor want to raise gas taxes 16 cents a gallon along with other proposed tax increases) Increasingly people are trying to allocate where their after tax income goes.  Oh, by the way, in 2012 the budget was 34 billion, this one will be 42 billion, about 20 percent more, how much did YOUR budget increase in that time, what is YOUR surplus? The purpose of this letter is not to bash teachers, who wouldn't like that kind of security?  The purposeis to illustrate the direction the DFL want s to take this State.  Increased government control of our lives, our income, and now our children.  Is this what you want?




From Vince Beaudette


Subject: Moving the State Primary Election Ahead to March is a Bad Idea

 "I oppose Senator Ortman’s proposed Senate Bill 1205, which would effectively deprive Minnesota voters of much needed vetting of and insight into candidates for legislative and other elective offices, which the political party endorsement process currently provides. The rationale for this change is that a March primary would make Minnesota more impactful on the national stage with regard to choosing presidential candidates.

But consider what we would be giving up in exchange for some temporary influence in the national presidential endorsement arena. Moving state primary elections ahead from August to March would bring them too close on the calendar (just a few weeks) to party caucuses for meaningful political party consideration and endorsement to take place. Minnesota’s political parties simply would not have enough time to identify those candidates who truly support party principles, whatever they may be.

While some say that only a small group is influential in choosing Minnesota candidates via the current endorsement process, it’s a fact that ALL Minnesotans are encouraged by the political parties to participate in the election year neighborhood caucuses that take place typically in February or March. From these caucuses, interested citizens in every precinct are sent to the county conventions, where they make informed decisions about which statewide and legislative candidates to endorse for the general election. The endorsements coming out of these county party conventions have provided busy Minnesotans with vital insights into competing candidates. The current endorsement process serves us well because it has discouraged candidates who can afford to "buy" an R or D by their name on the general election ballot with an intense primary campaign, but whose views are not at all in sync with the platform of their party.

While we certainly support primary elections in Minnesota as the final determinant for which candidate gets the "R" or "D" on the general election ballot, we must not deprive Minnesotans of a major component of their decision making process with regard to who should be on the general election ballot. Primary elections should not take place until at least June, when the political parties have had an opportunity carefully evaluate candidates for recommendation to the public at primary election time.


Vince Beaudette

Victoria, MN




From Vince Beaudette


Subject - Rudy Giuliani got it right     (Click HERE to see related April 8 video - Dick Cheney & Geo Petaki)

 Rudy Giuliani has been widely criticized for his assertion that Barack Obama does not love America. But the former New York Mayor got it right, and many of us could see this in Obama immediately upon his election in 2008. In fact, in a letter to editors, dated January 15, 2009, this writer pointed out that Barack Obama is “simply not an America First kind of guy”. The early signs? Obama's far left mentors & associates, whom journalists and educators did NOT want to expose or discuss. Among them were several of his early appointments to high government positions (Van Jones, avowed Communist, and Carol Browner, avowed Socialist, etc.) An incoming president who loves America would NOT appoint far left post constitutional globalists like these to participate in his promised "transformation" of America. Nor would he apologize for America’s place in history, as Obama  has done in speeches abroad, or flaunt the Constitution repeatedly by way of lawless executive orders, or propose to transfer control of the internet from the U. S. Dept of Commerce to an unnamed international body.

 How could a president who loves America reject the Keystone pipeline (which would not cost taxpayers a dime!) and the energy security it would bring from a greatly reduced reliance on mid-east oil? Or leave open American borders to the millions of Third World refugees who will indeed transform America and place a heavy burden on her tax-paying middle class? Would he say, as Obama has, that American exceptionalism is no more exceptional than the exceptionalism of any other country in the world? And why did Barack Obama purposefully create a power vacuum for Islamic terrorists to step into with his premature, preannounced 2011 pullout from Iraq, after that country had finally been stabilized prior to his presidency?

There’s a clear pattern with regard to the way this president governs: If it reduces American political, economic or military power, Barack Obama supports it. If it strengthens America's position as an economic, political, or military superpower, he will oppose it.

 Rudy Giuliani got it right!


Vince Beaudette

Victoria, MN



Rollie Neve's unpublished letter to the editor, dtd November 10, 2014 (WELL worth the read!)

To the Editor:

The election is over and the results are in.  Nationally the Republicans
won a majority in the Senate and increased their seats in the House.  This
should be good for the country.  In Minnesota the Republicans gained the
majority in the House, which should be good for Minnesota.  Throughout the
campaign one thing struck me. (Click here to see the complete letter)


John Kunitz letter to Congressman Paulsen - Re Obama and Immigration (November 20, 2014)

Congressman Paulsen,

Tonight our President is going to make a new series of laws regarding immigration.  The Congress will be for the most part hearing them for the first time. Congress has absolutely no say in these laws. These laws are to be enacted without any participation by our elected Congressional officials.  If I were you sir, I would be concerned. Your job, your committees, etc. have now become nothing more than a public show piece.   If the President agrees with you fine, if not, he can veto your law, if you override his veto, he can override, ignore or change your law with an executive action.  If he needs a law that you have not considered, he can create it with an executive action.  Tonight sets a precedent. If the President is allowed to make new laws regarding immigration, and ignore the existing laws, and you do not stop him, this will be the beginning of the end of your authority as a Congressman. It is doubtful that the expression of unhappiness at the President’s actions by several Republicans will change anything. From this point forward you have transferred your authority to the Executive branch. From tomorrow on, you will be able to keep your job, you just will not be able to do it. Either the Congress or the Justice department must take action now to prevent this violation of our constitution.

John Kunitz

RESPONSE to John Kunitz from Eric Paulsen!

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2014 5:02 PM
To: Kunitz, John W.
Subject: Responding to your message

November 24, 2014

John Kunitz
6441 Brettonway
Chanhassen, MN 55317-7508

Dear John:

Thank you for letting me know of your opposition to the President’s executive order that made sweeping changes to the immigration system.

I have long been concerned about the President’s decisions to sidestep Congress and enforce the law as he sees fit. His executive order is another unfortunate instance in which he has chosen to ignore the will of Congress and the American people, and instead has chosen to rule on his own.

This decision will only exacerbate the problems our already broken immigration system faces.

I am reviewing all the options available to Congress to address the actions taken by the President and instead ensure Congress, as prescribed under the Constitution, takes action to pass immigration and border security legislation.

Thanks again for sharing your views, as I appreciate hearing from you. Please let me know whenever I can be of assistance.

Erik Paulsen

Member of Congress


 Joe Polunc’s  Letter to the (Star & Trib) editor:  - November 15, 2014

(Re Nov 15 Strib article - Pay to Snow Shovelers at TCF Stadium)

How ironic is it that we are more concerned over the identity of those shoveling snow from the stadium than we are of those voting?

Yes, you needed two forms of identification, including either a Social Security card or a birth certificate, in order to be handed a shovel. Yet to vote for those who have significant influence over your life, a utility bill or lease agreement will do.

If snow continues to be a problem at the stadium, I wonder if they will allow someone to vouch for your shovel?

Joseph Polunc Jr., Cologne



What would Ben Franklin Say?  (From the Chan Villager and Chaska Herald)

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, we should remember the daring exploits of a young country(Complete article)


 Joe Polunc’s  Letter to the editor: West Carver County newspapers - May 8, 2014

“The ECM Editorial Board comment on May 1 (Waconia Patriot) recommended the passage of the Southwest LRT system (SWLRT). Their support of big government policies is consistent and they covered all the fanciful "talking points". But what they didn't tell you is more important.  (Complete Article)



 From Frank Long - Chan Villager, Chaska Herald, Waconia Patriot - Big Brother coming to life

This week Brenden Eich, the CEO of the computer web browser Mozilla, was harassed into resigning from his position because of a donation in 2008 of $1,000 in support of Proposition 8, the California Amendment measure to protect traditional marriage (Complete article)


 From Vince Beaudette ChanVillager, Chaska Herald, and Waconia Patriot March 27, 2014  

Barack Obama’s decision to transfer control of the Internet to an as yet unnamed international body in 2015 is a stunning reminder that he is indeed a post-America, post-constitutional globalist, with little regard for our liberties and our future as a sovereign nation (Complete Article)




From Joe Polunc,  ChanVillager March 6, 2014

The ongoing events in the Ukraine will occupy our attention for the foreseeable future. What was only delayed by the Olympics has now been implemented by the Russian government. Perceiving a weak and disorganized "west" Putin is on the move... (Complete Article)



From Joe Polunc,  Chan Herald Feb 6, 2014

On Friday, Jan. 31st, the U.S. State Dept. released its final report on the Keystone Pipeline. After five years of debate it appears the reality of the project is near. But is it? Historically, the pipeline went through a variety of concerns. Environmental groups typically move the goal post, making permitting harder to achieve. The reality is they do not want this project to be built, period.  (Complete Article)



FROM JERRY BRUNER, Waconia, Carver, Watertown Papers - 1-16-2014

Everyone should be involved in the Political Process.....(Complete Article)


 FROM FRANK LONG, Chan Villager, Chaska Herald, 1- 23-2014 

Caucuses are taking place on February 4th the 1st Tuesday in February. Regardless of Party Affiliation, it is important to attend and participate in our form of representative government. Something I hear from many people who... (Complete article)


FROM JOE POLUNC, Chan Villager, Chaska Herald, 1-17-2014 

As we endure a real Minnesota winter, we now have experienced the dreaded "polar vortex".  It didn't take but 2 days to blame this Arctic air outbreak on - man made (anthropogenic) global warming (AGW), or "climate change" (CC). This is the familiar tactic of the environmental left (Complete article)


  FROM FRANK LONG:  The Year in Review: 2013 under Democrat Rule  (In Chan Villager, Chaska Herald, Waconia Patriot, Carver)

The Democrats have been showing their true colors, at The State and Federal level we have seen what the liberal/progressive agenda is, and the lengths they will go to, to enact it. Let’s focus on our very own DFL Party monopoly running our State. The Minnesota DFL   (COMPLETE ARTICLE)



From Joe Polunc,  Chan Villager, Chaska Herald Dec 18

 In the Dec. 12 issue of this paper, we saw Mr. Weygand, the guest commentary writer, making remarks on what he perceives as excesses in the political process. While the writer laments his weariness over this, he surprisingly finds energy to not only write this column but ... (Complete Article)


From Vince Beaudette, Chan Villager, Chaska Herald Dec 18


Democrats are now looking frantically for political cover from the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) given the insurance cancellation nightmare they’ve foisted on millions of Americans. Tens of millions more on employer-based insurance plans will lose their coverage in 2014.... (Complete Article)



From Joe Polunc (Dec 17) Star & Trib

The recent uptick in violent crime around the U of M Campus underscores more than just a "crime wave". For weeks the news has been conspicuously void of suspect information. This significant lack of pertinent information has now been unveiled.
With the revelation that "crime alerts"  (Complete Article)


From John Brunette (December 12 Chanhassen Villager) 

Affordable Care Act does NOT live up to it's name

This may ruffle a few feathers, but it seems to me the party that is looking out for "we the people" is the Republican Party... (Complete article)


From Joe Polunc (Nov 21)

As the reality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) begins to be felt, over 5 million  Americans are now facing a crisis - cancelled insurance plans.  When they heard their president say: "If you like your plan, you can keep it", they felt safe and secure. Unfortunately,    (COMPLETE ARTICLE...)


From Vince Beaudette  (Nov 21)

 The disaster called Obamacare worsens each day. But how did we get Barack (Cash for Clunkers) Obama, a left wing freshman senator from Illinois with no qualifying experience, to lead the Free World?  Similar to the Pied Piper of old, biased news media outlets and obedient left wing professors convinced young Americans to vote for him. That was enough to get Mr Obama elected ... (COMPLETE ARTICLE)






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