Sunday, January 21, 2018


Quite simply the GOP platform is a list of fundametal priciples and/or positions on issues of the day.  It serves as a outline of where the party stands, and ideally guides the candidates and members of the political party.  It is frequently the subject of very rigorous debate, as we continuously work to evolve our Party to make it applicable to the current state of the world.

The platform is changed by resolutions, that begin at the precinct caucus level.  At each precinct caucus you will have the chance to submit resolutions to change the platform.  This can be adding or deleting portions, or modifying pre-existing planks in the platform.  Typically you reference the area or specific part of the platform you wish to change.  The resolution is then voted on by your precinct.

If the precinct approves the resolution, it is then forwarded to the BPOU level, where it again receives a vote at the BPOU convention.  From then it goes to the Congressional District convention, where it again voted on by delegates from across the Congressional District.  If it survives this far it then goes to the State Convention level, where it is voted on by delegates from all around the state.  Along the way, the resolution will be reviewed by the Platform Committee of each level, where it may be comibined with identical or simliar resolutions proposed by others.

Quite simply, the Platform is a grassroots statement of how they view our Party.

The most recent copy of the GOP Platform can be found at the MN GOP website, here.

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