Monday, March 19, 2018

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A bill, HF 3960,  calling for a constitutional convention (Con Con) to amend the constitution to mandate a balanced budget has been filed in the MN legislature.  Among the authors are Jerry Hertaus, Cindy Pugh and Glenn Gruenhagen.  This bill should be defeated.  The link below details why; please click on it.

Article V of the constitution states that “The Congress, …. on application of the legislatures of 2/3 of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments…”  Clearly, the federal congress shall call the convention.  The congress, therefore, will make the rules, select the delegates and do whatever else may come before the convention.  The individual states have no power to dictate what amendment shall be considered.  The states have no power to limit the convention.  Minnesota’s influence in this convention will be very small.  
The Congress by a simple majority can mandate a balanced budget.  Since that power already exists, it makes no sense to call for a convention to do it.
I herewith encourage the Carver County Executive Committee to go on record as opposing HF 3960.
air Session 11 "Romans 13"Letter in the Chan Villager August 20

The Iran nuclear negotiations, currently a top news story, raises some serious questions, not the least of which is how does it effect he peace and security of the United States. The agreement, signed on July 14, was drafted by the five members of the UN Security Council, Russia, China, US, UK and France, plus Iran, Germany and the EU.  It now comes to the United States for approval (See entire letter)


To all,




Below is the link to a 10-minute video by Art Thompson, JBS CEO, on the UN agenda 2030.  It is clear from this video that the RCP project in Carver County is in harmony with this agenda.  





Here’s the link to Art Thompson’s video this week on the UN Agenda 21 and the UN’s plan to transform our world through 2030.    This has direct impact on Carver County and the RCP project.  As you know, Vince’s LTE published in the Villager opposed the RCP project.  This video adds urgency to this opposition, and in my opinion is a call to action for all of us to stop the UN and the RCP project in Carver County.   I’ve already sent this link to Tom Workman and Cindy Pugh.



Here’s a link to a video by Art Thompson about Agenda 21 in Seattle.  You can see the same pattern in the RCP project for Carver County.  In Seattle it’s a partnership with the University of Washington (here, the University of Minnesota).  How would you like prohibiting single family dwellings in Carver County?






Take a look at Art Thompson’s video on the TPA.  Click on the link below.  This is extremely important information.  Senator Jeff Sessions, (R-Al) has noted the secrecy behind the TPA, so secret that even Senators and Representatives are unable to get copies of the proposed agreements on which they must vote.  We all need to understand this intrigue and act accordingly.  We must hold our representatives accountable for their votes.




Rollies Letter to the Editor on Erik Paulsen's vote FOR Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) on June 12.



Delegating away our sovereignty? Here's a great read here from a great conservative Republican Senator, Jeff Sessions:















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